Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meet and Greet at the Sam Katz Room in Cherryhill Library

Hope to see as many people as possible there.

Bob Howard

Monday, October 16, 2006

Please find the link to my flier on the right sidebar. Also you will find links to both the electorate information from the City of London and The Civic Election information from the London Free Press.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A future we can ALL share in

September 19, 2006
Well it can never be said that I don't post the responses I receive to my blog. This being the main reason why I chose to create a blog, while other candidates will have a web site that is nothing more than an ad for themselves I allow for input, be it creative or derogatory.
It's nice to know that one can create such an uprising from so many of the same people, by doing nothing more than pointing out that which they choose to keep in the background. Some have called me an anti-activist or anti-enviro, anti- this or anti -that. The one thing I can state with complete certainty is that I am not going to mislead others by using false validation. Honestly, how long do you believe you can go on misleading the general public by creating group after group and endorsing one another? Remember it was not I that stated that the membership similarities were nothing more than coincidence. It was also not I that stated about being open and honest so that the voter's can be made aware of who they are actually voting for. All I did was just bring out to the open exactly what some have stated they wanted to do but must have forgotten to do it along the way.
If the best attacks I receive from these people is that my grammar is not to par, that I make spelling mistakes makes me an unrealistic candidate, then that truly is a very sad position to take.
Yes I am an automotive technician, which in today's society is a high skilled trade that requires a great deal of intelligence in order to understand the multitude of sciences involved in today's vehicles. Yet time and time again I am being called a grease jockey by the supposed intellectual important people. Does this disqualify me from being a realistic candidate? By being a hard working individual in a much needed sector of our society that is essential to the majority of citizens just as much as any other skilled job in the trade sector? But this is what I have become used to hearing from those that believe they are above the average Joe's and Jane's of London.
Yes I am a single parent and yet people have the audacity to question my mental fortitude in regards to how I rear my child. Some state that I place my child's health in jeopardy because I don't whole heartedly agree with the scare tactics and fear mongering of some of the more tenacious groups. This is complete lunacy. To even try to draw a conclusion on my feelings towards my daughter in regards to her well being and safety from a position in regards to pesticides is mind numbing. But yet this is what I have come to expect from those who state the other side is using scare tactics. So in order to be an effective parent I must align myself with other's beliefs? I think not.
There is no fault in wanting to protect our trees, our greenlands, our water and even the air we breathe. But realistically a balance must be found in order to maintain a symbiotic co-existence. All I hear from certain groups is that we are doing this to protect our future and our children. This in to itself in not flawed but lacks some slight details. Mainly the present. To protect our world and our children is a gallant undertaking but let us not forget about the people here and now. How many Londoner's would not want to protect our trees? I would hope very very few. But how many Londoner's would like weekly garbage pick up's? Probably the same amount of people that want to protect our future. Yet I have told that this is nothing more than mumbo jumbo political posturing.
This is why our city is so divided. This is why voter turn out has been dwindling election after election. This is why interest in the elections is minimal at best. When the average Londoner's pick up the paper and read that trees are the big election issue and they wonder why garbage hasn't been picked up, or why their taxes have increased with no real signs of improved service, is it truly hard to figure out the low voter turn out? With a council that is divided from one extreme to the other. With activist
groups that refuse to meet any sort of common ground between sides. With media outlets pushing forth a blurred vision of what is happening. This is the London that has come to be, the question is what will this London become?
This is why I chose to run. As an average Londoner who works hard, raises his daughter and interacts with all people of the community. I am not on one side of the extreme or the other, I strive to find the balance that all sides can agree on. This is the definition of effective government, to be able to move forward in a fair and progressive way in which all Londoner's believe that they have their best interests thought of in the process. Where is this type of thinking as of late? We have been spoon fed, media pushed and down right had it shoveled down our throats that we need to be told what to do, what to think and what is best for us.
This makes me an unrealistic candidate?
Because I believe that the majority of Londoner's are not that of a 250 person poll, or that of a multi shared activist community. They just want to be able to go to work on a well maintained infrastructure. One that does not having them bouncing their heads of the roof of their cars. That does not have them hoping they don't hit the pot holes with their bikes. That does not have them wondering if they missed the bus. They want to know that roads are cleared of snow in the winter. That garbage is picked up weekly and not rotting in the summer. They want to know that if their property taxes increase they are actually receiving some benefit from it. They want to be able to walk downtown and their neighbourhoods at night in safety. To play with their kids in a park free of debris. That if they are unemployed, uneducated or even homeless they are just the same as all other Londoner's when given the opportunity. Would it be far fetched to want all citizen's to be treated equally? But this makes me unrealistic?
Some candidates platform are nothing more than pretty paper wrapping up yet another level of bureaucracy that will cost the taxpayers of London. More bureaucracy is not what's needed, what is needed is more listening to the majority of Londoner's. By majority I mean more than 250 people. We live in a city of over 300 thousand people of all walks of life, over 18000 in ward 6 alone, yet if we are not involved in the very bureaucracy that has created some of this mess we are now in, we are told we are not concerned enough about our city.
As councillor my goal is to bring back what we had and lost. We used to have safe parks. We used to have services that benefited all. We used to treat each other with honesty and dignity. We would listen to each others problems and reach a compromise that best served our communities. This is political mumbo jumbo? No this is reality. In order to bring London to the future we must make sure we build a strong base of unity, faith and compromise for all Londoner's. I am confident that I can communicate effectively with the wide diversity of people and listen with an open mind to all concerns. And it's with this very basic principal of effective governance we can share in what the future of London will hold for us all.
It is with my whole heart that I state that I am Bob Howard and I will stand behind all that I have said and all I will say in the future. I state my words with full conviction from my mind and my heart, and if my grammar doesn't agree with you I will still stand up for all Londoner's and never waver from my position. Remember there will be no future to look forward to if we don't take care of the problems we face daily.
Bob Howard
The most realistic candidate

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Too many coincidences to ignore any further

Sept 12, 2006

The move was dismissed by Imagine London spokesperson Stephen Turner, a Ward 6 candidate. Turner said the fact Imagine London and the coalition share some of the same membership is "coincidental." LFP April 19, 2006

"Do we form a slate? There could be merit to that," said Stephen Turner, who lost a civic election bid in 2003 and plans to run again. LFP Jan 4 , 2006

“What's wrong with being upfront and honest about it? It would be refreshing...At least you know who you're voting for.” Sandy Levin LFP Jan 4, 2006

The following is a list of the plethora of concerned citizens groups of London, yet surprisingly they are all the same people they just can'tdecide on a name yet. The newest one being Post-Carbon London.Is this election still about the citizens? Or is about the Political NDP party getting what they could not get out in the open. If they can't win control by a fair public election then what better way then to create group after group in order to self endorse each other. By mis-leading and slight of hand tactics to the general public, while in the same step stating that non-affiliated candidates are not qualified to represent. This election stopped being about the general public a long time ago and has become nothing more than a smoke and mirrors campaign purposely designed to bring forth a NDP/Activist/GREEN slate, agenda and political control of this city at large. With the election close and the general public grossly unaware of these tactics we can not allow this to continue. I respectfully ask that we do as much as we can in order to inform the voters of this city who they are actually voting for.

Sam Trosow: imagine London
London coalition against pesticides
council of Canadians
Steven turner

Marie Blosh: broughdale community group
Sam Trosow's wife
London North Centre NDP

Steven Turner: imagine London
urban league of London

Bev Wagar: imagine London
council of Canadians
Steven turner
old east village community association
married to Sean Hurley

Sean Hurley: imagine London
London coalition against pesticides
Steven turner
ndp centre north/London fanshawe
council of Canadians

Bob Porter: imagine London
council of Canadians

Gill Warren: imagine London
ndp canvasser
urban league of London

Dale Green: council of Canadians
1981 ndp candidate

Margaret Hoff: council of Canadians
NDP London West

Norman Pizzale and Lorretta Pellazarri:
council of Canadians
lawyer of imagine London

Ceri Harris: council of Canadians
Steven turner

John Pope: council of Canadians
imagine London
London coalition against pesticides
Steven turner

George Sinclair: urban league of London
Steven turner
imagine London

Sandy Levin: urban league of London
Steven turner

Nana Sakamoto: Steven turner
council of Canadians
john pope's wife
cfo ndp London north centre

Barry Wells: Steven turner
imagine London

Rosemary Dickson: Steven turner
urban league of London

Diane Szoller: Urban league
Post-Carbon London (the new kid on the block)

If only everyone could create an organization to self promote themselves.
Just remember these people mention over and over again how there is no
slate no agenda and it's just a coincidence about the membership. Are
we to be treated so foolishly? I would hope that all Londoner's can make
an informed decision this election based on reality and not what some want
us to imagine.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Realities of Ward 6

Bike paths:

Western Road is slated for complete re pavement next year from Oxford street to Richmond. Does it not make fiscal sense to implement a bike path into the re pavement of the road. This would allow the large number of cyclists that go to Western a safe pathway and allow the pedestrians their sidewalk. Also bike paths should be implemented in any complete' re pavement of major thorough ways and as such this would allow us to implement a large scale bike path through London without having to outlay large amounts of money.

Ring Roads:

London was founded 150 years ago and as such our forefathers could not have foreseen the amount of traffic that London roads face today. These roads can not sustain the huge volume of traffic on a daily basis hence they deteriorate at a much faster pace. But allowing a ring road system into London this would help alleviate some of the mass transportation that makes its way through our core. But allowing a system to let large
vehicles and commercial vehicles quick and efficient means of traveling to and through our city this would in effect attract industry and business leaders alike.
To state that by investing more in public transit would alleviate the problem would do nothing more than treat a symptom. The root cause will still be there. We exist in a multi vehicular world. Where usually more than one person in a household is working. Add to the fact that
London cannot sustain a viable means of mass public transit and the reality remains that London will be for quite a while to come a multi-vehicle world.
So if the plan for a ring road is to take 20 years that's not actually a bad thing. It allows us the time to implement measures to allow controlled development in the surrounding areas and allows us to implement
a more effective means of transporting people across this city. I do not see this ring road as negative thing to the quality of life, the quality of business' and to London in general. In actuality it would benefit the
majority of citizens. By allowing a ring road system to the city will draw investment from corporations and industry. This in turn allows employment, taxes and spin off revenue.

Last time I checked London was in debt and a 20 year business investment plan seems like a good thing. The extra revenue generated by the resulting business' could be used to reinvest in the public transportation system and there in reality is a serious of checks and balances. Alleviate the congestion from the core and help eliminate some of the single vehicle operation by giving a true and real alternative.
Not a system that will take 3 times longer to travel then if you were to take your own vehicle.

I believe in forming within the ward a group of approx. 8-10 people including myself that represent a real cross section of the citizens. This group would meet on a quarterly basis and discuss the issues at hand and the issues of the future for this ward. By having quarterly meetings you will allow for enough time to put forth the ideas that the citizens of the ward have. And be able to present them properly thought out before council. This is true representation without favouritism. A leader listens to all ideas and makes an informed decision that would best serve all of the community. There for by having a group that represents the community it would set the stage for a truly open and honest communication between city hall and the citizens. As such the goal is to help alleviate some of the complacency that has grown to such momentous levels. For is you listen to the people and they know they have been listened too, then this is what true leadership is all about.


London seems to have a proliferation of tennis courts yet not that of basketball courts. Seeing the great turnouts at Gus Macker tournaments it should seem crystal clear that basketball is and always will be a favourite game of the youth. Ward 6 does have the space to install
these courts and cost factor is not that great. A concrete pad, 1 pole, a backboard, a net and some paint. This is not a large project to undertake at all. It would be nice if the youth of London actually had something to do, or somewhere to go to that was on public property. Start inner city groups and have annual tournaments for the youth of London. Lets give all youth a chance at sports.
In regards to another issue an idea of satellite locations within the city that consists of computer labs that will be used for not job searching or resume making but for education. Many youths leave school early for various reasons and many of them never return. Yes, we have adult learning centres but these facilities operate on a schedule that some cannot make, due to restrictions of a job, home life or other reasons. By allowing an open scheduled computer lab that in essence conducts itself as a self schooling program they can log accredited hours and courses in pursuit of a high school diploma. By open I mean if they have only time to spend an hour here or an hour there then they are allowed that opportunity. Better to spend two years more to finish an education than to never finish it at all. The youth are our future if we as a city keep saying that every thing we do is to benefit the future of London then why are we not doing more to benefit them?


There is a very large community of seniors that resides in Ward 6 and as such their concerns should be listened to with full attention. The instituting of physical rehabs centres in Cherry Hill would be of great use to those that do not have the means to transport themselves to Parkwood. As our public transit system is not capable of fully handling the needs of the seniors that live there. With age does come wisdom and wisdom should always be listened too with both ears. The Cherryhill community is no longer a community for the golden years but that of all ages. It is with this harmonic balance that we should aspire too. Wisdom and the youthful energy of the future shall lead us forward.


A necessary evil if ever there was one. Taxes will always be there every year with no doubt, the one thing that we should do though is if a property assessment is slated to be done in the city, council should wait until the
assessment is done. An increase of 1% on a budget already voted for does not seem that bad, but when your property value could increase 10-20% then that 1% does not seem to be needed.


In order for a city to grow and not become stagnant we must provide a healthy base of growth. This is where the developers come in with their ideas in regards to the future of our city. They are willing to invest millions of dollars into projects that will pump life into our economy, by creating jobs, by creating tax revenue and by creating spin off business'. To state that developers should be drawn and quartered is to bite ones nose off to spite their face. These are people that are willing to gamble large amounts of money that they hope will pay off for them. This is
something that most people would not do. By creating this environment of proper transit systems, employment bases, training system, and base foundation business' we make London appeal to these developers. Hence the recent announcements in regards to the high rises being built downtown. This is what will make London grow for the future, not implementing regulations that make us look unappealing and pushing developers away to other cities. Being stagnant in growth will only make us pay the price in the future. With a healthy plan of a ring road system and controlled development London will have a great building plan for the next 20 years or more. This is what we need.

By having a long term plan coincide with short term projects we can and will make London a thriving city for today and for the generations of tomorrow.